Our Equestrians

Lauren Fraser
Lauren has been riding with Sue and Colleen for 9 years. She rode several of their own ponies like Prime Moment, Prime Wonder, and Wow What a Rock, several sale horses like Caprivio, Tzatziko's Tiger, and Torrey Blue and also several of her own like Nobility in the children's, Image Maker in the Eq, Seymour in the children's, Chanel for the 3'6" Juniors, and Over Achiever for the 3'3" Juniors. Now an adult, Lauren will continue competing with Over Achiever in the 3'6" AO's.

Paige Messick
Paige has been riding with Sue and Colleen for almost 10 years. She started while attending Virginia Tech where she rode on their IHSA team bringing impressive results. Paige has ridden many sale horses for Millpoint like Taztiko's Tiger and Forowon-K, as well as Over Achiever.

Tara Keen 
Tara has been with Millpoint for over 12 years. She rides Simba in the Adult Hunters when not in the field for her job in the United States Marines. 

Ashley Gaines
Ashley has been riding with Sue and Colleen since she was very little. She started with her pony Gwen, then continued with "Sneak a Peek" aka Sneakers. Once she grew out of ponies, Ashley rode her own Dream On, aka Dreamy, before buying her current horse Taboo who she competes in the 3'3" Juniors.

Savannah Bednash
Savannah has been riding with Millpoint for about a year now. She owns one horse named Verrezano (Remi). She currently shows Remi in the Large Juniors and the Big Eq. 

Christine Nagin

Christine has been with Millpoint for about 3 years. She shows Over Achiever (Charly) in the Adults whenever possible, and showed Tzatziko's Tiger and Knorr prior to getting sold.

Alexa Williams


Kit Harmon


Faith Clark


Marianne Sobchak


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